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How To Purify Water With Bleach

We need clean drinking water to stay alive. What if your water stopped running, or your communitys water was contaminated? Store unscented bleach in your...

Power of Bleach - Sick Science! 180

Find out how this works here Water and bleach: historically, this pair go together...

What Will Happen If You Mix Coke and Bleach?

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Water purification cheap and easy with Bleach

Showing how to use a small bottle to store bleach for use with water purification in your bug out bag or emergency kits. I would use 10 drops per gallon and let sit...

Proper Way To Purify Water Using Bleach - Survival Tip

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What will Happen if You Drop Dry Ice in the Boiled Water?

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Water Storage - Dont Use Bleach!!!

I just started my water storage preparations, with a 55 gallon pickle barrel. Do not use bleach to purify your water. It will stay potable for 7 years with this alternate...

Coke and Lava Nikon D800 and Gopro

Medical Donation Request This is something I never planned on doing via my YouTube channel but, this is a special circumstance. A younger first cousin of...

How To Make Water Safe with Clorox Bleach, a Survival-Warehouse Video.

How to make water safe by using Clorox bleach by. This is a short video for purifying water.

Cleaning my well and using bleach to do it.

Using bleach to clean the well and kill and pathogens.