Necker 600 sharpener -

Fleshing Knife Sharpening and Maintenance

Lets Talk Fleshing Knives

We will discuss the 4 styles of commercially available fleshing knives.

Wiebe Elite Fleshing knife

Tyler shows how to both dull down and sharpen the Wiebe Elite fleshing knife.

Wiebe Elite Fleshing Knife

Watch Tyler flesh a coon with ease using the new Wiebe Elite Fleshing Knife.

How to sharpen your fleshing knife

how to sharpen a fleshing knife.

V-SHARP freehand precision knife sharpener by Warthog (review)

How To Flesh A Raccoon Skin

Trapping 2012 Fleshing Raccoon Skin. Shane Reed shows how he prepares, fleshes and dries a Raccoon skin. The first step is to prep the hide by combing all...

Survive GSO 4.1 Reprofile

Blade Reprofiling of Survive Knives gso 4.1 Subcriber Knife in for Reprofiling. 29-30 dps when I rcvd. The knife. Reprofiled to 20 dps w/Toothy 600-Grit (may...

Kabar BK 11

1095 cro van steel.

Amteros Test Cut

Amteros test cut - test medium is a free-standing, rolled-up sheet of phone book paper. This is a good test for both sharpness and overall cutting geometry.