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Air conditioning (aircon) How to Fix a Water Leaking

How to Fix a Leaking air conditioning Unit How to Fix a Water Leaking air conditioning Unit. It allows you to repair the air conditioner(aircon) in a few easy steps.

A Beginners Guide to Water Cooling Your Computer

Check out the full guide here: Music by Eric Skiff.

Homemade Air Conditioner (Use Ice From water for better effect)

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HOW TO: Window AC water removal

do you ever get water stuck in the basin of your window AC unit? If so here is how to fix it for pennies... literally!! Enjoy:)

How To Clean Air Conditioner Drain Water in Drain Pan

How To Clean Air Conditioner Drain. If your AC unit is not draining properly water can accumulate in the drain pan. If your unit is not equipped with a float switch...

How to Prevent AC Drain Clogs and Leaks

Save Water and Money. How to do preventative maintenance on your AC unit to prevent water leaks. This video walks you through the steps to make sure your...

Window Air Conditioner leaking Water Inside.

Window AC unit sometimes can drink water in the house.

Law & Water: Jimmy Kimmel Joins The LA DWP Water Conservation Unit

California is currently in the middle of a serious drought. Its important to make sure we all do our part to conserve, so Jimmy went on a ride along with the L. A...

RV Swapshop Handles a Water Damaged Unit - Hosted by Evan and Ivon

A water damaged 2004 Fleetwood Mallard is repaired.

Laptop Drop and Water Spill Test! Still Boots Up! - GammaTech Durabook D14RM

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