Filetage unc unf -

Tarozi - Filiere

Metal Umir Grup, va poate oferi o gama larga de produse Tarozi si filiere din hss - de mana sau de masina M2-M30 - pentru toata gama de materiale (otel,...

017 filetage au tour lesproductionsmal

Ce video présente le taillage dun filet Unifié de 60 degrés sur un tour en utilisant la technique du chariot porte-outil incliné à 29 degrés.

Thread Cutting Closeup

Cutting 1/2-20 threads with my lathe. Camera is mounted on the tool post.

How to draw the threads on a screw

this will show you how to draw the threads on a screw and these steps can be follow to draw the threads on the nut. Hope you guys like it and feel free to...

SolidWorks Tutorial, How to Draw a Bolt

Get free download pdf file format how to draw a bolt on that blog.

Solidworks thread tutorial

This is a great tutorial that enables anyone of any skill level on SolidWorks to create a nut with internal threads. The thread is 7/16-20. The major and minor...

Heli Coil Installation

Here is how to install a heli coil and repair damaged threads.

Tornillo Tutorial SOLIDWORKS BASELGA LIZAGA, S.A. (Zaragoza)

suministros industriales baselga lizaga tutorial DE como SE hace UN tornillo con EL programa...

Como Fazer rosca externa no SolidWork

Criar rosca externa com passo 12 Fios por polegada. Medidas do eixo. Dia. 1 x 200mm comp.

Tutorial ensinando a abrir roscas em torno mecânico

tutorial aonde ensino a abrir roscas em torno mecânico.